Credit: Ollie Millington/Getty Images

J. Cole seems like a cool guy. If you are skeptical about that, this story could change your mind.

Twitter user @apunkfemme, via Reddit, noted an exchange between @princess_simba and the rapper back in 2013, when he apparently promises to attend the latter’s high school graduation—if she gets into a four-year university.

There was a 2014 public exchange where @princess_simba asked Cole if he approved of her grades. He replied.

Sure enough, Cole showed up to her graduation, according to these photos @princess_simba posted on Twitter.

The rapper’s friend, Ibrahim Hamad, congratulated the graduate and even revealed Cole’s tour was scheduled around the big day.

She added Cole is helping her afford school, too.

Congrats, J. Cole. You win Best Graduation Gift, 2015. Maybe ever.