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Universal Pictures is on a roll. Between Jurassic World, Furious 7, and Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015 has already been a record year for the studio, and Universal films have been breaking box-office marks left and right. (Jurassic World alone has shattered a few dozen records in just two weeks of release.) Now, Universal is gearing up to release Ted 2, and while the follow-up to Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 comedy might struggle to win the weekend, it is on target for a debut of $50 million or more.

Ted’s challenge? There are two other holdovers also expected to take home more than $50 million this weekend, including the unstoppable Jurassic World. Here’s how this weekend’s box office might shape up:

1. Jurassic World — $58.6 million

After gobbling up just about every box-office record in its path, Jurassic World is positioned to retain its No. 1 spot—but it’s going to be close. Early predictions have Jurassic World bringing in between $55 and $60 million in its third week

2. Inside Out — $54.3 million

Pixar’s latest exceeded expectations with an enormous $90.4 million, recording the largest opening ever for an original property (beating Avatar). There’s a chance that Inside Out could see a drop-off—simply due to all the people who turned out opening weekend—but Pixar movies tend to have long legs, especially when they’re as critically acclaimed as Inside Out. Previous Pixar films have only dropped an average of about 40 percent in their second weekends, with some dropping as little as 27 percent (Monsters Inc.) or 29 percent (The Incredibles). If Inside Out follows the trend and falls about 40 percent, it’ll bring in about $54 million.

3. Ted 2 — $50 million

Early tracking predicts that Ted 2 will open to about $50 million this weekend, but it’s not expected to surpass the original Ted’s $54.4 million debut. Still, the raunchy teddy bear’s original outing broke a box office record for R-rated comedies, so the sequel could prove more popular than expected.

4. Max — $10 million

Ted 2 isn’t the only wide release with a non-human star this weekend: Boaz Yakin’s Max follows a military dog from Afghanistan who is adopted by his former handler’s family. The reviews have only been so-so, and as far as family-friendly movies go, Inside Out is a formidable opponent, so Max is expected to debut around $10 million.

5. Spy — $7.3 million

After a so-so debut, Spy has held up fairly well week-to-week, and it should provide an R-rated comedy alternative for those who prefer McCarthy to MacFarlane.

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