Credit: Dario Lopez-Mills/AP

Anna Todd, known for her bestselling After series, will release a new book titled Before, due out Dec. 8, EW reveals exclusively.

After originated as One Direction fan fiction on Wattpad, and follows the story of two college students, Tessa and Hardin Scott (based on Harry Styles), who fall in love (and lust). Before will tell the same story as the After series, but from Hardin Scott’s perspective featuring additional scenes.

“I’m so excited to finally announce the publication of Before,” Todd said in a statement. “For my readers who have been with me since the beginning, this is the long awaited look inside of Hardin’s mind during After and a whole new dose of ‘Hessa’ with a lot of new content, and a few surprises.”

Todd and After may have started out as a Wattpad phenomenon, but the series has since been licensed in nearly 30 international markets, and has been a worldwide bestseller. Paramount Pictures acquired its film rights, and Susan McMartin (Mom) was tapped as screenwriter.

Fans and critics have been quick to make comparisons between Todd’s series and E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, since the latter famously started out as Twilight fan fiction and is known for its eroticism. But that’s probably not a bad thing, considering the success of James’ most recent release, Grey, a retelling of the book from Christian Grey’s perspective. It sold over 1 million copies in four days.

Here’s your first look at the Before cover: