Credit: NBC

Even if you’ve never watched Seinfeld, there’s a good chance one of the many sayings, terms, and lines of dialogue that series is famous for have popped up somewhere in your life. The sitcom gave birth to and/or popularized an endless stream of phrases that have remained culturally relevant even in the years since the show ended.

For example: You likely know a “close talker,” a “low talker,” or a “double dipper.” You’ve probably hoped someone in a public bathroom could “spare a square” for you or been in a relationship with a “bad breaker-upper.” And with all of Seinfeld now on Hulu, you’ll likely rediscover how some of these phrases originated, or realize that another saying or two you’ve heard for years came from Jerry, George, Elaine, or Kramer.

Below, find 15 of the best Seinfeld-isms the show produced, listed in alphabetical order—as well as the episodes that made them so ubiquitous.

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