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If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to kiss Marky Mark, Amanda Seyfried just knocked those expectations down a notch.

The actress and Mark Wahlberg lock lips in Ted 2, and while promoting the film Wednesday on the Today show Seyfried ranked her co-star’s skills in that department with a definitive “eh.”

The unenthused reaction was likely in jest – Matt Lauer asked Seyfried about Wahlberg’s kissing prowess as a chance for “revenge” after she shared story about the actor stealing her dog.

“I was messing around with him. I shouldn’t have been — little pranks here and there,” she said. “He took it to the next level. Really smart guy, he took my dog, and he hid him.”

“I panicked, because I didn’t think that that was possible,” she added. “The truth is I cried so hard, he was like, ‘Ah, you know what? I feel bad for this girl.’”

Ted 2 opens in theaters Friday. You can see more of Seyfried’s chat with Lauer in the video below.

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