By Will Robinson
Updated June 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Queen are living it up for the band’s 40th anniversary. First, they released a special run of Killer Queen Original Vodka, referencing one of the English rock gods’ classic songs.

To keep the party going, the band announced its next musical standard/alcoholic collaboration: Queen Bohemian Lager. There’s even an accompanying Twitter account for the brew, detailing the crest that was originally designed by late frontman Freddie Mercury:

Queen Boheman Lager is a Czech-style pilsner and only 4.7 percent alcohol by volume. To put that into context, it’s the perfect brew to hold and drink while belting out “mama!” to sloppily harmonize with the jukebox.

Save their music, Queen’s libations will have to be your fix until they and Adam Lambert hit the road in September.


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