By Will Robinson
June 24, 2015 at 07:49 PM EDT

Dark Sky Paradise

Big Sean has taken it upon himself to make Wednesday his day. The Detroit rapper released a straight-forward, hazy club depiction of he and Kanye West performing their joint cut “All Your Fault,” from Sean’s last album, Dark Sky Paradise. It’s four minutes of Ye and Sean rapping with what can best be described as a 3D filter turned on to 50-percent power as the crowd can’t believe the two are presently sharing a stage and alternating bars.

But the other one—”I Know,” co-starring silky singer Jhené Aiko—is the much more interesting and singular creation. The two are visibly old and check into a nursing home. Immediately, the sparks fly, to the orderly’s dismay. Their mutual attraction can’t be held down to the confines of the home or the sanctioned mixer/dance.

It would be totally cool if Sean has director Lawrence Lamont, who also helmed the clever football “IDFWU” video, helmed all his future visual endeavors.

Watch above and ponder if you could beat geriatric Big Sean at arm wrestling.

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Dark Sky Paradise

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