By Shirley Li
June 23, 2015 at 03:23 PM EDT
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Jon Stewart, after giving an emotional speech about the murders of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina last week, delivered another heavy monologue on Monday night. Observing Fox News’ post-Charleston coverage, the Daily Show host played doctor, diagnosing conservative commentators like Sean Hannity with a case of “Fox-abetes.”

Stewart rolled a clip of conservative critics calling out President Barack Obama for “politicizing” the violent crime, as well as other Fox News commenters asking those who deemed the actions of accused murderer Dylann Roof racist be sensitive to the deceased. In one clip, Hannity points out that all the coverage has been “almost like a sickness.”

“Yes, it’s a sickness,” Stewart dryly responded. “This rush to use tragedy to advance your narrative. Combine that with an inability for self examination, an almost comical degree of self exculpatory rhetoric, flag pins, a little bit of leg, and complete immunity to irony… You got yourself a full-blown case of Fox-abetes.” 

To explain Fox-abetes, the host then reminded his audience of last December, when two New York City cops were killed after a series of nationwide protestes against police brutality, and conservative commentators immediately jumped to point out how New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and liberals had “blood on their hands.”

“So… you used no restraint,” Stewart concluded. 

Watch below for Stewart’s reaction and his take on the Confederate flag controversy as well.

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