Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Jeanine Pirro is best known as the former Westchester County district attorney who went after Robert Durst for the alleged murder of Kathy Durst, and soon she’ll publish a book based on her crusade to convict him. Gallery Books announced that it would publish her book, He Killed Them All: Robert Durst And My Quest For Justice, on Nov. 3.

“As the former District Attorney who first kicked the Robert Durst beehive, I am thrilled to finally tell the full story behind my mission: I want this man, who became my nemesis, tried and convicted for murder,” Pirro said in a statement.

Pirro played a huge role in the HBO series, The Jinx, which chronicled the cases against Durst. The title of the book is a clear reference to the final scene, in which Durst goes to the bathroom without realizing mic is still on. “What the hell did I do?” he says. “Killed them all, of course.

“Anyone who watched The Jinx was riveted by Jeanine Pirro’s role in the case,” Gallery publisher Jennifer Bergstrom said. “Her book will be the definitive insider’s account of the true crime story that has captivated the country.”

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