Google has submitted a renewed entry into the music streaming battle. The Internet giant announced Tuesday that Google Play Music would now have a free service to complement its current $9.99 per month flagship one (after a 30-day free trial).

The costless version is ad-supported and only currently in the U.S. It’s a radio service, akin to Spotify’s app or Pandora, allowing users to access stations inspired by an artist, album, song, genre, or general mood. It’s set up to encourage users to subscribe to the full service, as one can browse empty libraries and are given accessible buttons to pursue signing up.

However, users can upload up to 50,000 of their own songs, listen on Android, iOS and browsers, and still get recommendations based on thumbsed-up songs and artists. But subscribing permits making playlists, offline play, unlimited skips and accessing Google’s full library.

Google Play Music Free’s timing is noteworthy, as it’s a week ahead of Apple Music’s debut. Check out the service here.