Huzzah for Marvel women!
Credit: Marvel Comics

Sad news: When Carol Danvers returns in a new Captain Marvel series this fall, her adventures will no longer be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, the buzzy comics writer who spent the last few years turning Carol into one of the leading lights of the Marvel comic book universe. Intriguing news: The new Captain Marvel will be written by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, the showrunners behind the ABC series Agent Carter.

Fast Company has a cool look at the new Captain Marvel, which includes a chat with Butters and Fazekas about the future of the comic book. The restarted series will apparently include a cool new space-station headquarters—the better for Captain Marvel to set up shop as Earth’s first line of defense against any potential threats from outer-space. Artist Kris Anka has also given the character shorter hair and added some totally essential Liefeld pouches onto her belt-sash. The new series will apparently try to occupy a middle ground between earthbound Avengers action and cosmic Guardians of the Galaxy adventure, which for all we know is also a description of the Captain Marvel movie coming three years from now.

It’s unclear if the participation of Butters and Fazekas is intended to cue up any crossover potential between Peggy Carter and Carol Danvers. Whatever: In the end, they’re all Inhumans.