Credit: Claudette Barius

You know what’s more challenging than it looks? Making a stripper movie. That’s what the cast of Magic Mike XXL found out while shooting the flick, out July 1. With the dance routines bigger and better this time around, it meant that the cast had more opportunities to get hurt…and that they did.

CHANNING TATUM: We all got hurt, even those people like Joe who are always in that shape…

JOE MANGANIELLO: Well, when you’re a naked werewolf for five years, there’s no option!

TATUM: But even then you turn it up a little higher. I work out for, like, the one moment I’m walking from the bed to the bathroom with my shirt off. Some people got very, very hurt. I mean, this guy’s bicep [points to Manganiello] was hanging off his arm.

MANGANIELLO: I had to finish the last few weeks [of shooting], including my entire finale routine, with a torn bicep.

TATUM: It’s so funny talking about a stripper movie in these terms.

MANGANIELLO: After that finale I came down to my trailer with an ice pack and people were high-fiving me, like, “Dude, that’s amazing. You played hurt!” The door closes, and Sofia [Vergara, Manganiello’s fiancée] looks at me and goes, “If I see you at the f—ing gym tomorrow, we’re done. You’re going to a doctor.” I had surgery the second I got home.

TATUM: The most hilarious thing is, when all this stuff is happening and we’re all getting banged and bruised, we’d all look back to Kevin [a former professional wrestler]. There’s nothing that hasn’t happened to him. He’s the team daddy.

KEVIN NASH: [Wrestlers] do the same thing. There’s so many guys that finish matches with torn quads and everything else.