By Jennifer Maas
June 22, 2015 at 09:22 PM EDT
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

On Monday a Monaco judge order that Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch’s two children be allowed to spend the summer with Rutherford in the U.S. starting July 3, People reported.

But the trip is only a temporary win for Rutherford, as the children will return to Monaco at the end of the summer to live with their father, whom Rutherford divorced in 2009.

“I am pleased with the outcome and that the children will be coming to the US for a part of their summer vacation,” Rutherford said in a statement to People. “I am reassured by the Monaco process and the judge. Although I still maintain my legal objections about Monaco hearing the case, my serenity is restored.”

Rutherford and Giersch will again go before a judge on July 9, this time in Los Angeles.

Head over to People to read more about the custody battle that has been going on since 2012 and the celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, who have rallied around Rutherford to help bring her children back to the U.S.


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