Most likely operating under the principle that two wacky minds are better than one, actor John Malkovich was tapped to narrate the audiobook of Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions, out today, and EW has the exclusive first listen. First published in 1973 as Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye Blue Monday, the book features one of Vonnegut’s best and most beloved characters, the writer Kilgore Trout. Trout finds out a car dealer in the Midwest is taking his fictional works as truth, and Vonnegut unleashes a playful, wonderful satire. As the New York Times reviewer wrote in 1973, “He makes pornography seem like any old plumbing, violence like lovemaking, innocence like evil, and guilt like child’s play.”

Listen to the clip below:

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Breakfast Of Champions
  • Movie
  • 110 minutes