Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
  • Michael Keaton will star in and produce an adaptation of a Boom! comic for Fox, Imagine Agents. The story is about how the imaginary friends of children are actually real and centers around an organization entitled I.M.A.G.I.N.E., which is in charge of handling situations in which the imaginary friends get out of control. A jaded 20-year veteran agent is charged with monitoring a young archivist when out of nowhere a routine day becomes something else entirely. [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • Warner Bros. has already acquired the rights to author David Howard’s book proposal Chasing Phil: The World’s Greatest Con Man, Two Undercover FBI Agents, And Their Amazing Around The World Adventure with Robert Downey Jr. in mind to produce and possibly star in the pic. The book’s proposal is about the FBI’s first foray into white collar crime dealings and its use of agents in long-term, undercover operations. The story centers around two young FBI agents who infiltrate the world of Phil Kitzer, “the charismatic mastermind behind dozens of multi-million dollar schemes and his international network of associates known as The Fraternity.” Downey would be set to play Kitzer. [The Wrap]

  • Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger will be co-starring in the young adult love story Midnight Sun. The film will be based off a 2006 Japanese film and center on Katie (Thorne), a sheltered 17-year-old girl who must stay in side her home during the day because of a rare condition that makes sunlight deadly. But when Katie meets Charlie (Schwarzenegger) they embark on a summer romance together. The film is planning a September start date for shooting. [Deadline]

  • British actress Annabelle Wallis will star co-star with Aaron Paul in the Zack Whedon written and directed-pic Come and Find Me. The story follows David (Paul) who attempts to track down his missing girlfriend once he realizes she’s not who she said she was. Wallis will play Claire. Shooting starts next month in Vancouver. [Deadline]

  • Martin Henderson has boarded Sony’s adaptation of Miracles From Heaven starring Jennifer Garner. The film is based on Christy Beam’s book of the same name, which centers around a young girl who suffers from a rare digestive disorder but finds herself miraculously cured after she survives a horrible accident. Henderson will be playing Garner’s husband. [Variety]

  • Paul W. Downs (Broad City) will be starring in an untitled female-led comedy for Sony. Lucia Aniello will direct from an R-rated script that was co-written with Downs. The two are also producing the project.The synopsis is under wraps, “beyond the fact that the film combines elements of Weekend at Bernie’s and The Hangover.” [Variety]