Credit: Kevin Nixon/Guitarist Magazine via Getty Images

Vivian Campbell, guitarist for Def Leppard, is fighting cancer again.

“I’m saddened by the fact that my cancer has returned,” Campbell wrote on Facebook. “However, I’m beyond consolation that it’s return will prevent me from being able to do my job for a while. I’m still working on a schedule of treatment with my doctors, but I will see you all very soon.” Def Leppard shared Campbell’s brief note on its Facebook page and website as well.

Campbell has battled cancer before, after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in March of 2013. “I’m about two months in and feeling rather spiffy, all things considered,” he said in a statement released in June of that year. “Hodgkin’s has an over 80 percent cure rate, so by my reckoning, if you’re going to have a cancer, Hodgie’s is the one to have!”

Def Leppard is set to launch its 48-city North American tour on Saturday night in Puerto Rico, where it’s expected that Trixter’s Steve Brown will fill-in for Campbell. (Brown played with Def Leppard in place of Campbell last year.) Dates in Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom will follow throughout the year.

According to a representative for Def Leppard, Campbell will only miss the first few shows of the tour, as his treatment regimen will be tailored so that he can continue to work.