On Friday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg formally submitted her resumé to Wes Anderson in an attempt to bring some diversity to the director’s catalog.

Actually, she gave the resumé to Anderson favorite Jason Schwartzman, who was there with Adam Scott to promote their new film The Overnight and promised to give it to the director that day.

“I want to do this right, because you know I love all the Wes Anderson movies and that you starred in like, almost all of them, and you know like from Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom and you know Rushmore and all of those okay,” she said to Schwartzman in her best valley-girl accent as she handed over an actual resume. “So, I noticed there’s not a lot of folks of color and I thought I would like to give you my resume to give to Wes Anderson and just to let him know I’m available. As you see, I’ve interned on The Late Show.'”

Goldberg is hardly the first to point out Anderson’s homogenous casts. (He typically cast the same actors, and with the exception of a few in Anderson’s recent Oscar-nominated Grand Budapest Hotel, most of them are white.)

After the exchange Raven-Symoné cut in to let it be known that Goldberg would not do full frontal nudity, however Goldberg announced enthusiastically, “Oh I will. Oh yeah.”