Credit: Claudette Barius

It’s a common problem. It affects every man. It’s often a taboo subject, but we’re going there with the cast of Magic Mike XXL. Yes, we’re talking about shrinkage.

To the enjoyment of viewers, Magic Mike XXL does deliver in terms of its handsome cast removing their clothes. But in this week’s EW cover story, the actors admit that sometimes it’s um, hard, to deliver.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The dance numbers are more elaborate in this one. How many times did you have to do those on camera?

ADAM RODRIGUEZ: On the day it’s showtime, all of a sudden you’ve got a thousand women lined up, and you’ve only got a couple of times to get it right. It’s so much fun, what stakes like that do.

KEVIN NASH: In the first one, we pulled our f–king camouflage off, and that was the first time we were in front of people with our thongs. They went, “Cut!” and I couldn’t have gotten a robe on any faster.

CHANNING TATUM: And you’re 6-foot-11!

NASH: After three takes, you’re like, “F–k it. They’ve seen my sh-t.”

Speaking of your, um, stuff: Who’s regulating the temperature on set? Cold air isn’t exactly helpful if you’re stripping to impress.

TATUM: It don’t matter. Adrenaline takes care of all that sh-t.

JOE MANGANIELLO: One thousand people screaming, including crew.

NASH: Tommy the turtle finds his way into the shell quickly. [Group laughs.]