Arya actress: 'I'm worried about next year'
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Fans have been warning Maisie Williams about her season 5 finale twist for years [finale spoiler alert]. “Somebody on the street will go, ‘Oh, you’re going blind,'” the Game of Thrones actress told EW. “And I wanted to keep them guessing. I love keeping everything a surprise. So I’m always like, ‘Am I? Oh my God! Did I not get the memo?'”

And now that Arya Stark has indeed lost her vision as an apparent punishment by Jaqen H’ghar and The House of Black and White for her murderous rebelliousness, Williams is fretting about what this means for next season. “I don’t want to wear these crazy contacts for the rest of my time on Thrones!” she says. “I don’t know how … that will impede her life. She’s going to become very vulnerable thanks to that. It’s exciting and scary. So I’m worried about next year.”

Williams isn’t alone in feeling that anxiety. Now that the storylines in HBO’s hit series have more-or-less reached the end of George R.R. Martin’s published novels, the entire cast is anxiously in the dark about what’s next for their characters. In theory, a longtime Thrones cast member could be killed off in the very first episode of season 6 and wouldn’t even know yet since production doesn’t start until July. “[Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] treated me to a pizza and I just sat there asking questions and they won’t answer anything,” Williams says. “It’s heartbreaking, it’s petrifying.”

Previously, Benioff noted: “Everybody’s curious [about their fate]. Some actors don’t want to know. Some want to know everything. If the character knows they’re going to die at a certain time, we don’t want them playing like that’s going to be their fate.”

Williams’ screen-sister Sophie Turner says she’s in the camp of actors who don’t want to know what’s coming, but she has been theorizing about next season with Aflie Allen, who plays Sansa Stark’s unlikely new companion, Theon Greyjoy. “I don’t want to know, but Alfie and I have been talking about it a lot,” Turner says. “We reckon Theon and Sansa will get away, but then Sansa will sell Theon out and be like, ‘Screw you,’ and go out on her own. Or Ramsay will come and chase them down. But I don’t think the two of them will stay together as buddies, though that would be kind of cool.” Of course, all that assumes both characters survive their leap from Winterfell’s wall into the distant snow below.

Thrones recently concluded its most-watched season ever, with Sunday’s finale delivering a record 8.1 million viewers for HBO. The series returns next year. For more on Williams, check out our recent Ultimate Arya Interview.

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