Credit: Ryan Daly

Back in 1996, extra-heavy Los Angeles rock outfit Failure released an album called Fantastic Planet that was one of the last great releases of the alt era. It was the third in a series of hard-hitting and spectacularly dense collections that also ended up being the band’s last. They disbanded in 1997, leaving behind a ton of great music but also a lot of questions and unfulfilled promises.

Fast-forward to 2013, when Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards, and Kellii Scott declared they were re-constituting themselves as Failure. The reunion initially manifested in a handful of live shows. A bigger tour followed, and at long last the group announced that they would be releasing their first new album since 1996 (with a little help from PledgeMusic).

The result is The Heart Is a Monster, a jaw-dropping slab of throbbing, fuzzy, visceral space rock that at long last capitalizes on the progress made on Fantastic Planet 19 years ago. Meticulously produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Andrews, it simultaneously feels like a vintage throwback and a forward-looking step into the unknown.

They band just premiered the video for the single “Hot Traveler,” and now Entertainment Weekly is pleased to present the entirety of The Heart Is a Monster to stream below.

Failure’s awesome The Heart Is a Monster is available June 30. Pre-order it in a number of forms via