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Grist for the sequel? Michael Oher, the offensive lineman at the center of 2009’s The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, said Wednesday that the blockbuster film hurt his career.

“People look at me, and they take things away from me because of a movie,” Oher, who currently plays for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, said to ESPN. “They don’t really see the skills and the kind of player I am. That’s why I get downgraded so much, because of something off the field.”

Oher was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009, and helped the team win a Super Bowl in 2013. After a down year the following season, Oher was signed to a free agent contract by the Tennessee Titans. But injuries limited to 11 games in 2014, and he was subsequently released. He then inked two-year deal with Carolina.

“This stuff, calling me a bust, people saying if I can play or not … that has nothing to do with football. It’s something else off the field,” Oher said. “That’s why I don’t like that movie.”

Oher has spoken out against The Blind Side before, notably at the Super Bowl in 2013. “I’m tired of the movie. I’m here to play football,” Oher said. “Football is what got me here and the movie, it wasn’t me. I always knew how to play football growing up. It was different personalities, stuff like that. Playing football is what got me to this point.”

The Blind Side made more than $300 million at the box office after its release in 2009. The film stars Bullock as the woman who adopted Oher into her family, and focuses on the ups and downs that happened as a result. In John Lee Hancock’s Oscar-nominated movie, Oher is played by actor Quinton Aaron.

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