In the Sundance-anointed comedy-drama Grandma, due in theaters Aug. 21, Lily Tomlin plays a lesbian poet named Elle who’s still mourning the death of her longtime partner even in the throes of a break-up with another, more recent, much younger girlfriend (Judy Greer). The acerbic septuagenarian is shaken from her doldrums and casual disdain for mankind, however, by the surprise appearance of her teenage granddaughter Sage (Julie Garner), a character with a big problem, a small window of time, and a pressing need for $630 that only Grandma is equipped to help collect.

In the new trailer for Grandma (written and directed by About a Boy filmmaker Paul Weitz), recent EW cover girl/Orange is the New Black co-star Laverne Cox appears as Elle’s old buddy—a tattoo artist named Deathy—who owes an old debt to Tomlin’s character. She doesn’t have the cash but helpfully provides the matriarch with some new skin ink.

And Paper Towns star Nat Wolff appears as Sage’s would-be baby-daddy—a surly bro with a marijuana-leaf hockey jersey—who ends up getting a hockey stick in the nuts thanks to Grandma!

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