It’s kind of crazy that though none of us actually have ever heard a dinosaur, we all have a pretty similar idea of what they should sound like. Some of that is due to the original dinosaur sounds created by Gary Rydstrom for Jurassic Park, and it’s a testament to just how influential sound design can be. So of course, sound had to be a particularly important consideration in Jurassic World, and SoundWorks Collection has released a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how the Jurassic sound designers brought these creatures to life.

SoundWorks interviewed Pete Horner and Al Nelson about creating the unique audio of Jurassic World, from those distinct roars to the sound of dinosaur skin on grass. In addition to honoring the original sounds created by Rydstrom, Horner and Nelson share how they found inspiration in animals like walruses, beluga whales, lions, and pigs.

The genetically modified Indominus rex was a particular challenge, and Horner and Nelson discuss how they wanted to set the I. rex apart by turning its roar into more of a grating shriek. To do that, they relied on “screamy animals” like dolphins, monkeys, and even a fennec fox.

The entire video is a fascinating look at what sound designers do to create sounds for creatures no one has ever heard before. Plus, you get to watch a sound editor pretend to be a raptor and dash through piles of woodchips with microphones strapped to his feet.

Jurassic World

2015 movie

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