By Tim Stack
June 18, 2015 at 05:06 PM EDT
Claudette Barius

Be honest: You’ve dreamt of having one of the Magic Mike XXL stars perform a solo for you. Well, if you’re Sofia Vergara, that dream is a reality.

Vergara’s fiancée, XXL star Joe Manganiello, admits to EW in this week’s cover story that he actually practiced some of his racy routines for the Modern Family star.

“I went on vacation in Mexico and Sofia just didn’t know what hit her,” says Manganiello. “She tried to hide under the bed sheets! She came to Savannah to visit [the set] and we would go to this gym and she’d be on that leg machine that works your inner thighs that kinda locks your legs in. And I knew like she’s locked into this thing and she can’t go anywhere. I got her here trapped. So I’d come up and just like [Starts dancing]. She’s like, ‘Get out of here!’ and yelled for someone from the gym to come get me and drag me away.” 

Lesson: Sofia has a good life. 

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