Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

For many people, elevators are pretty scary: Being confined in a small space with other people and no absolute guarantee that the doors will open when you get to your floor … if you get to your floor. Okay, that’s dramatic, but there’s a reason that the Tower of Terror is a thing. And GSN is hoping to amplify that fear with its new show, Hellevator.

Coming later this year, GSN will introduce its new horror-themed game show, which features contestants trying to survive a series of challenges as they ride an elevator through an abandoned warehouse. Specifically, a team of three will ride an elevator with one player getting out on each floor to take on a challenge and earn money for the team. But if that individual doesn’t make it back to the elevator — sorry, Hellevator — on time, the team moves on without them.

“You’ve never seen anything like this show,” executive producer Todd Lubin said in a press release. “The contestants have almost no idea what they’re in for and then find themselves immersed in a horror story where they have to move past their deepest fears, to both survive and win money.”

Sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska will “pull the strings throughout the game,” according to the release. Check out a sneak peek below:

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