By Devan Coggan
June 18, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Jurassic World has been breaking box office records left and right since it debuted last week to an eye-popping $208.8 million domestically. And now, it’s poised to snap Pixar’s 14 for 14 record of #1 openings. Every single Pixar film has opened at the top of the box office, and while it’s hard to predict exactly what Jurassic World will do in its second week (especially because predictions were off by more than $80 million last week), it’s expected to stomp all over Inside Out.

Here are our predictions for how this weekend’s box office race might play out:

1. Jurassic World — $100 million

After obliterating box-office predictions last week, most are expecting Jurassic World to mirror the only other movie to open to more than $200 million: Marvel’s The Avengers, which fell a fairly standard 50.3 percent in its second week, bringing in $103.1 million. Jurassic World could do the same.

2. Inside Out — $60 million

Inside Out may not top the box office this weekend, but it’s still expected to open around $60 million or higher, putting it on par with other non-sequel Pixar movies like WALL-E ($63.1 million) and Cars ($60.1 million). Besides, even though it may be the first Pixar movie not to open at number one, that isn’t such a bad thing. Frozen didn’t win its opening weekend, and it ended up being the most profitable animated film of all time. (So far so good: Inside Out grossed $3.7 million on Friday, the highest Pixar or Disney Animation Thursday number thus far.)

3. Spy — $9.3 million

As the only real adult comedy in the mix right now, Spy shouldn’t see too much of a drop in its third weekend in theaters. It’s followed the pattern set by past Melissa McCarthy-led films like Tammy and The Heat, which have each fallen about 40 percent in their third weeks. If Spy does the same, it’ll bring in about $9 million.

4. Dope — $8 million

Opening in more than 2,000 theaters, this indie comedy is projected to bring in about $8 million for the weekend, making it one of the more profitable Sundance hits this year. (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl only opened in 15 theaters last weekend, bringing in $196,496.) 

5. San Andreas — $5.4 million

San Andreas took a pretty heavy hit when Jurassic World, another PG-13-rated action movie, opened last week, and it dropped almost 60 percent. While it’s not expected to see that much of a drop as it enters its fourth weekend, many are predicting it will fall about 50 percent, securing its fifth-place spot. 

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