By Ariana Bacle
June 18, 2015 at 08:30 PM EDT
MJ Kim/Getty Images

Blake Anderson tried to avoid cursing on live television—and failed.

The Workaholics star appeared on a Cincinnati morning news show to promote Dopeand apparently it was just a tad too early for him: He first appears on the screen looking sleepy and eating a bagel, which the newscaster mistakes for a doughnut. Once the host reveals that sometimes doughnuts are actually healthier than bagels though, Anderson puts down his food. “Well, damn. Then I don’t want this sh-… stuff.” Curse word, avoided.

Later on though, Anderson apologizes for appearing tired… and that’s when things really go downhill. “You know the Warriors won the f–king championship?” he explains, quickly realizing his mistake—but not quick enough to preserve his interview. Watch the whole (straight-out-of-Workaholics) clip below.