By Kyle Anderson
Updated June 18, 2015 at 03:36 PM EDT
The Science Channel

The Science Channel is in the midst of gently expanding the horizons of its programming, and while the network’s bread and butter is still deeply fascinating deep dive series like Through the Wormhole and Hacking the Universe, they’d like to remind the world that psychology is also an important branch of science worthy of all forms of exploration.

That’s the pitch behind Race to Escape, a new game show premiering July 25. Hosted by comedian and Never Not Funny mastermind Jimmy Pardo, Race to Escape pits two teams of three against one another in a series of tests and puzzles that will challenge their ability to reason, solve problems, and work together. They’ll have an hour to overcome all the trials in their identical rooms, and the more the time ticks away, the more the $25,000 grand prize decreases.

There will be a variety of rooms with all sorts of unique decorations, including an old-timey barbershop, a Chinese restaurant, and a 19th century study (which is the location of the premiere episode). Each room contains five locks, all which need to be unlocked using codes deciphered from the clues.

It’s ideal summer viewing, as it provides an ideal home viewer surrogate in Pardo and will undoubtedly encourage audience participation (there is nothing quite like the frustration of figuring out a puzzle faster than a game show contestant). Check out the exclusive premiere of the trailer for Race to Escape below.

Race to Escape premieres Saturday, July 25h at 10 PM Eastern on Science Channel.

The Science Channel