By Christopher Rosen
Updated June 17, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Amanda Marsalis

The third season of @SummerBreak won’t be televised. Instead, as with the first two seasons of the burgeoning reality show, viewers can experience @SummerBreak across a variety of social-media platforms—YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Periscope, Facebook and We Heart It—all in real time. The results are staggering: seasons 1 and 2 garnered 65 million views, 30 million engagements and 1.7 billion impressions.

Sponsored by AT&T and produced by The Chernin Group, Fullscreen and Astronauts Wanted, @SummerBreak focuses on the lives of 11 California teenagers trying to live their best life right now. Unlike other reality shows, @SummerBreak—which debuts on Sunday for season 3—is not pre-taped; the audience experiences the show as it happens to the cast.

“We aren’t just building a show here, we are building a community,” said Billy Parks, co-creator of the series and SVP of Fullscreen Strategic Content Studio. “Social media has made it possible for our entertainment to be our friends and @SummerBreak plays off consumers’ increasing expectation for their entertainment to behave like their peers.”

Viewers are encouraged to follow @SummerBreak on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, We Heart It, and Snapchat (@SummerBreak) and Periscope (@SummerBreak). Watch the first trailer below, and then check out bios for the teens who will make up @SummerBreak for season 3 (including Ava S., a.k.a. the daughter of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora).


Twitter: @ava_lane

Instagram: @avaalanee

“Guys hit her up for ‘girl advice,’ and now Ava has a place in a few too many hearts. She’s a perfectionist and a planner which is making graduation and moving for college both stressful and exciting. Ava’s current plan for summer? #noregrets.”


Instagram: @avasambora

“Ava isn’t always the center of attention, but she’s impossible to ignore. She’s cheerleading captain, music-lover, and boy-crazy. But she’ll choose her girls over anyone else. Ava loves her independence and to chase the things she can’t have. Summer, get ready for Ava’s subtweets.”


Twitter: @alahnarad

Instagram: @alahnarad

“They don’t call her ARAD for nothing, this SaMo senior doesn’t have a boring bone in her body. Self-described as a fashionable tomboy, ARAD likes to spend her Sundays kicking it with the boys, watching the big game, and baking cookies for the crew. No matter what happens, ARAD is ready to have one crazy summer.”


Twitter: @haleyfinkk

Instagram: @haleyfinkk

“Anyone can be the life of the party, but Haley is the heart. She’s a bubbly flirt with no boundaries or filter. A goofball who has the unique ability to turn everything into a joke, Haley refuses to sugar coat anything. Haley may be obsessed with guys, but she’s ready to let the boys chase her instead. It’s her last summer before heading off to college in New Orleans and she wants to make it count.”


Twitter: @sheacope

Instagram: @sheacope

“Shea can’t wait to make this summer one she’ll never forget. She spent her high school years working hard and she’s ready to play harder. Shea’s headed to Princeton in the fall, so this is the first summer she doesn’t have to spend her days worrying about SATs and college applications. She’s more than ready to finally have a summer to relax, go all out, and let loose with her best friend, Haley.”


Twitter: @sofia_valo

Instagram: @sofia.valo

“Sofia loves fashion, but hates being put together. She’d live in a bikini if she could. A doodler and a dreamer, she aspires to be a designer for Saks Fifth Ave, creating one-of-a-kind swimsuits. Born and raised in Southern California, she’s always ready to hit the beaches with her infectious smile. This summer will be one she’ll remember forever.”


Twitter: @dashdobro

Instagram: @dashdobro

“Having been bitten by the acting bug at an early age, Dash will be attending UCLA in the fall to pursue his dream. Since it’s his last summer break, he wants to end it with zero regrets. Last year he was here only for the girls…this year, he’s trying to make lasting memories with his childhood friends – while still making time for the ladies, of course. Since we last saw him, Dash has been busy working on his six-pack and is dying to show it off at the beach.”


Instagram: @jacobwass

“Jacob is back for one last SaMo summer before he takes off to Miami for college. And as he puts it, “I just want to do me this summer.” He’s excited to spend his last days hanging out at the beach with his boys Dash, Justin and Yahn. Jacob wants time to slow down and hopes his final summer in Santa Monica will last forever.”


Twitter: @itsjnel

Instagram: @itsjnel

“Jock + sweetheart = Justin. He may have been the captain of the SaMo football team for the last two years, but he’s got emotions and knows how to use ‘em. After a tough ending to an 18 month long relationship, he’s looking forward to spending summer with his boys: Dash and Jacob. Justin suffers from severe FOMO – Fear of Missing out. He loves to be involved in everything and this summer, he definitely will be.”


Twitter: @noahliamg

Instagram: @noahliamg

“This Harvard-Westlake senior leads a double life. He’s got 6 AP classes under his belt, has an app in development — and still lives to have a good time. Noah is class recipient of the “Gatsby Award,” AKA the best party thrower. This summer, Noah is committed to surfing, fishing, and learning to cook — so he can impress the college girls.”


Twitter: @yahn_b

Instagram: @yahn_b

“Yahn towers at 6’7” and is involved in everything. He’s a member of Student Government Association, DECA, the SaMo school choir, and spent his year running the SaMo pep rallies. He’s the most adventurous math kid you’ll meet. Yahn lives by the mantra, “Believe in your flyness and conquer your shyness.” He’s funny, likable, and has an endless supply of energy – which he plans to use this summer on camping and hanging at the beach.”

Credit: Amanda Marsalis