Visit the movie's Facebook page for a special Q&A with Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman

Making friends is something everyone is supposed to learn in kindergarten. But as adults, those social muscles can atrophy, pulling people out of their comfort zone when forced to befriend new people.

In The Overnight, the Sundance sex comedy from writer/director Patrick Brice, Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott play young parents who’ve just relocated to Los Angeles from Seattle with their son. They hardly know anyone and can’t believe their good luck when one of the hipster dads from the neighborhood playground (Jason Schwartzman) introduces himself and invites them to extend their kids’ playdate at his house—just a low-key pizza night with his wife (Judith Godrèche). Of course, it turns out to be anything but low-key or normal.

“He and and his wife are kind of glamorous and smart and worldly and we immediately have an easy rapport with them,” said Scott, who produced the film along with his wife, Naomi. “But then the night gets increasingly strange, and these people end up breaking our relationship wide open—and we can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. We have to reassess everything about our marriage because of what these two other people are kind of provoking us to do.”

The Overnight opens in theaters on June 19, but you can watch the film’s first seven minutes below. The initial moments are extremely NSFW, but the intimate and completely raw opener also might be one of the most hilariously awkward scenes of the year. It’s certainly a tone-setter.

Scott and Schwartzman will participate in an online Q&A on The Overnight‘s Facebook page today at 1:30 p.m. ET. You can ask a question now by clicking “Comment” in the text window directly above. Be sure to ask Jason about his character’s paintings, which are displayed and described in the similarly NSFW trailer below.

The Overnight
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