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Woody Harrelson is set to join Tom Wilkinson, Liev Schreiber, and Bryan Cranston in the “Actors who have played Lyndon B. Johnson” club. The True Detective vet will play the 36th president of the United States in LBJ, an upcoming biopic directed by Rob Reiner.

Though the commander-in-chief who took over after the Kennedy assassination has been popping up in movies a lot recently, Harrelson’s distinguishes himself as hailing from Johnson’s native Texas.

Filming on LBJ is set to begin in September, and the movie is chronicle Johnson’s raise from Texan Congressman to president.

“During the ’60s, I was a hippy, and Lyndon Johnson was my president,” Reiner said in a statement. “At the time LBJ was the target of most of my generation’s anti-Vietnam War anger. But as time has passed and my understanding of political realities has grown, I’ve come to see LBJ in a very different light. He was a complex man, a combination of brilliant political instinct, raw strength, ambition and deep insecurities.”

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