By Will Robinson
June 16, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Neil Krug

UPDATE: Lana Del Rey shared another snippet from “Honeymoon” on Thursday. She initially shared the first clip last week. Listen below.

EARLIER: Are you a fan of mysterious Instagram posts and Lana Del Rey? What a coincidence! The brooding singer posted a screenshot of lyrics for an upcoming song called “Honeymoon,” which appears to be the title track off her third album.


But it also linked out to another IG account that had the below video. It’s simply Del Rey staring down the horizon away from the camera.

“Our honeymoon” slowly seeps out and contrasted with one big bass note. There are ferns and other tropical forestation in a serene environm—OH NO THERE’S A TIGER. RUN, LANA. RUN.

To find out if she’s eaten by the predatory cat, the answer might come with the album; it’s reportedly out in September.