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Earlier this week, dinosaurs proved that they do still rule the earth (and apparently, our wallets), as Jurassic World shattered domestic and international box offices, breaking records in the process—including the one formerly held by 2012’s Avengers.

So how is Marvel Studios reacting to Jurassic World‘s new reign as box office king? Just ask Kevin Feige. Earlier today, Marvel’s head honcho took to Twitter to formally congratulate executive producer Steven Spielberg, as well as Universal, Legendary Pictures, producer Frank Marshall, director Colin Trevorrow…and of course, star Chris Pratt. The tweet was accompanied by a fun illustration from artist Andy Park, who is well-known for doing concept art for Marvel Studio films.

The drawing features Pratt as Owen Grady atop a T-Rex, and while Feige doesn’t seem to hold any ill-will towards Jurassic World‘s new title, the Avengers don’t look so thrilled with the news—or maybe it’s just that Thor is trying to figure out when and how T-Rex became worthy of Mjolnir, since we all know not even an elevator is worthy.

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