The refresh of the Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero Live, is officially for release on Oct. 20. The game will come bundled with the new guitar controller, which introduces a new button setup for players to master, eschewing the standard row of five buttons for two rows of three.

What’s more is the game includes a mode that functions a lot like a playable MTV (if MTV still played music videos all the time, of course). “Guitar Hero TV” is a mode that continuously plays music videos for 24 hours a day. Players can play along to the clips as well. The service is intended to work like a television—there are several channels players can choose from based on new songs, genres, and more, where players can jump in and play along to the currently streaming song.

You can choose to play along with a song at any time, drop out and wait for another track, or simply let the music videos play like a music video Pandora channel. It takes some choice away from the player—there may be a time when there are just not songs you want to play—but the ability to save songs and play the songs in the game’s campaign should assuage concerns that you’ll go for an extended period of time without songs you’ll enjoy to play. GHTV will also begin to curate content based on what you play, which should also make that less of an issue for players.

Players can also save songs (with in-game currency) so that they can be played at all times as new songs are cycled into the GHTV rotation. The service will also include leaderboards and competitons to unlock new customization options and special tracks.

Guitar Hero Live will release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and mobile devices on Oct. 20.

Guitar Hero Live
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