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Time has been gathering letters from famous fathers for an ongoing Father’s Day project, and Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz is the latest dad to publish a note to his children. It’s an honest and touching look at both the fears and joys he’s encountered as a parent.

Wentz addressed his two sons, Bronx and Saint, directly in the piece, explaining how unprepared he felt when they were born. “During that first diaper change I ever did (which may have been a world record in terms of how long it took),” Wentz wrote, “you had that look in your eyes that said, ‘Come on, you got this, you can do it’—even though I can admit now that, back then, I had no idea if I actually could.”

He went on to give his sons advice, like, “Let your kindness radiate and defend those who cannont defend themselves.” He ended with a cute anecdote about Bronx: “Bronx, I remember once asking you what your favorite color was and you said, ‘Red, black, and the color of lightning,'” Wentz wrote. “Never let the world take away your creativity and divergent thinking. Be the color of lightning, be wild, and always laugh a lot.”

Read the entire letter over at Time.

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