By Will Robinson
Updated June 15, 2015 at 11:50 PM EDT
Credit: Vertigo Comics

We’re about to learn a lot more about Imperator Furiosa. The stone-cold lead of Mad Max: Fury Road will be the focus of a prequel series by Vertigo comics, written by director George Miller himself. The synopsis on the website doesn’t indicate much, which shouldn’t be all that surprising. The pacing of Fury Road was so quick that the viewer didn’t glean much about Furiosa’s background—like, what’s up with her missing arm?—but now a fuller story can enter the canon.

The first edition is on sale Wednesday, but Buzzfeed has a preview now. As of now, the Nux/Immortan Joe edition is available, while Max’s backstory comes out July 8 and Aug. 5.

Mad Max: Fury Road

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