UPDATE: After being removed from his Soundcloud page, the songs are now available via Miguel’s official YouTube channel. Listen below.

EARLIER: Miguel’s third studio release, Wildheart, is due June 29. But that’s basically forever from now—and where’s the fun in that? Thankfully the singer released three songs on his Soundcloud page on Monday, because the world isn’t always a bad place. “…GoingToHell” is a resignation to one’s sins amplified by the unrelenting snare and sharp riff. Shockingly, “Flesh” is the sexiest, slow-jammiest song of the bunch, dominated by Miguel’s soft falsetto throughout. And then there’s Lenny Kravitz’s guitar turn on the slow-burn that is “Face the Sun” and the face-melting solo that caps the crescendo.

Random note: “Face the Sun” is the reported final track of Wildheart, while Kaleidoscope Dream‘s closer was “Candles in the Sun.” There’s probably symbolism you should look for.