By Will Robinson
Updated June 15, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Atlanta voters in District 55 will not be able to vote for write-in candidate Michael Render, a.k.a. Killer Mike from Run the Jewels, when polls open on Tuesday.

“In [Georgia] I [would] have to officially enter as a ‘write in’ vs. being an Actual Write in (those are the breaks),” Killer Mike wrote on Instagram. “But, I really felt it important to draw attention to this race. We have BIG Problems in education, schools and prison reform in [Georgia] and I I wanna see change. I wanna see y’all active in Local politics. The fact that y’all are willing to support me shows change is possible and while I run around rapping with @thereallyrealelp doing #RunTheJewels for the next few [years], I want ya’ll to get & stay active and Run for office! We need more New and fresh ideas & people!” According to Killer Mike, he will run for office in the future.

The rap star had hoped to run for a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives, which opened after former rep Tyrone Brooks resigned last April.

“In Atlanta, Georgia there will be special election tomorrow for District 55,” wrote on Instagram earlier on Monday. “Former state representative Tyrone Brooks no longer sits in the seat. I would like as many people as possible to go to the polls and write in Michael Render. Why because if I win we win. Thank you now go vote.”

This post has been updated to indicate that Killer Mike will not run for office after all.