Credit: BEN WATTS for EW

Chris Pratt, has CBS got a gig for you!

After telling Entertainment Weekly that he enjoyed filming Jurassic World in Hawaii so much that “I want to see if I can get a role on Hawaii Five-0 or something,” the producer of the CBS drama put on his tropical-themed thinking cap and came up with the perfect role for the blockbuster star.

“After reading his interview in EW this weekend, I’d like to officially offer Chris Pratt an open invitation to appear on Hawaii Five-O,” executive producer Peter Lenkov tells EW. “We have a number of roles in mind such as a former SEAL buddy of McGarrett’s recruited to be the newest member of Five-0, a multi-tasking surf instructor turned drug lord or even a former dino whisperer looking for a safer work environment. Really, the possibilities are endless. We’d love to have Chris become a part of our Ohana.”

It might be hard for Pratt to find time to film an episode of Five-0, which returns for a sixth season on Sept. 25. He also told EW that he’s signed for “I think 38” Jurassic sequels. That said, transitioning back to the small screen would be as smooth as well-mixed Piña Colada to Pratt, since he got his Hollywood start on TV with dramas like The O.C. and Everwood.

Anyway, we like the multi-tasking surf instructor idea. Your move, dino whisperer.