Credit: FilmMagic

D’Angelo released Black Messiah, the long-awaited follow-up to his 2000 classic Voodoo, last December, and the mercurial R&B musician is touring behind that album now. According to a new Rolling Stone interview, fans won’t have to wait anywhere near 14 years for more new music.

In the interview, D’Angelo explained that because “everyone was in the streets” protesting racialized police brutality, he “did some soul-searching and decided to put [Black Messiah] out.” But that rush forced him to abandon his vision for a more grandiose project. “There were so many songs I wanted people to hear,” D’Angelo said. “What I’m working on now is like a companion piece. I hope people receive it that way. It’s part of the same vision.”

D’Angelo also cited some of his influences for Black Messiah, which included Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles, Funkadelic’s America Eats Its Young, and literature by James Baldwin. When asked about his take on modern hip-hop, D’Angelo at first laughed, before citing his appreciation for Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp A Butterfly. “He’s jacked into the roots, he respects the lineage,” D’Angelo said of Lamar. “Motherf—ers are making some s–t that’s relevant to the times.”

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