Gaming has been an integral part of YouTube’s content and audience for years—Let’s Plays are uploaded by the dozens, entire walkthroughs populate multiple channels, and personalities have become celebrities thanks to their gaming-focused content.

Now, YouTube is making a home for all its game-playing users with YouTube Gaming, a website and app set to launch in the U.S. and U.K. later this summer, in a bid that looks to rival Amazon’s Twitch livestreaming offerings.

Users will be able to subscribe to channels to be instantly notified of when gaming livestreams begin, including channels for more than 25,000 individual games. They’ll be able to curate the content for themselves to surface what’s most interesting to them, while also participating in some functionality like livechats that mirror some of what Twitch offers.

Livestreaming game playing has become a rapidly growing market, with eSports and personality-driven content helping to bolster that type of content. And channels focused on content involving the play and discussion of games—like Kinda Funny Games, iJustine’s gaming channel, and PewDiePie—have grown to have some of the larger and more dedicated audiences on YouTube.

There have not been details on how the established games presence on YouTube, however, will use YouTube Gaming as opposed to their existing channels.

The YouTube Gaming Twitter account is continuing to reveal information about the new platform, while YouTube will have a large presence at E3 next week, with livestreamed demos, announcements, and more planned from the show.