Credit: HBO

Looks like The Leftovers will be leaving the (not so) safe confines of Mapleton and traveling into the desert, if the first teaser for season 2 is any indication.

HBO unveiled a trailer that is as about as unfamiliar as anything could be to the show’s season 1 aesthetic. It pans down a long highway through the desert, cars piled up, their occupants outside with traffic stalled. But it’s not because all the drivers were taken during the Sudden Departure. Instead, traffic is proving problematic because they’re all heading to one town that the Departure appears to have forgotten: Jarden, Texas.

The town’s population sign bears its size as well as its number of departures—a grand total of zero.

It’s quite the jump from Mapleton, and the trailer doesn’t indicate who from season one, either of the Garvey clan or otherwise, will also be on the road to Jarden. But we’ll find out when The Leftovers premieres on HBO this fall.

Credit: HBO

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