Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Firefighter Aaron VanRiper responded to an emergency call Saturday, and the emergency turned out to be that a car carrying his wife and son had crashed with a truck. Both his wife, Amber, and son, Jonathan, survived the crash, but sustained multiple injuries. Problem is, the VanRiper family doesn’t have health insurance—but Taylor Swift might have just made their lives a little easier: The singer seems to have donated $15,000 to a GoFundMe campaign raising money for Amber and Jonathan’s medical bills.

A family friend set up the GoFundMe, and is currently asking for $125,000 to cover the VanRiper’s medical expenses. Since she launched the page four days ago, over $85,000 has been donated. Someone under the name Taylor Swift donated $15,000—the largest amount donated so far—Thursday morning, but her rep wouldn’t confirm whether it was really her.

It wouldn’t be surprising if it did turn out to be her though: Swift is known for her charity work, and has topped’s list of most charitable celebrities for the past three years.