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What can you tease for the Game of Thrones finale? — Britta

The high-intensity action of the last two episodes does not slow down as we head into the finale. You can expect at least one more death before season’s end (‘natch). Lena Headey will also have her biggest scene of the season, one that everybody will be talking about the next day, while Brienne will finally have something to do other than wait in the snow.

Andre Braugher is going to be back on Brooklyn Nine-Nine next season, right? — Laura

Fear not! “He will be on the show,” executive producer Dan Goor promises. “Holt will be out of the office for the first few episodes. We’ll be following him and Gina to the PR world.” Holt’s replacement “will cause ripples in the office,” Goor adds, noting that Peralta may have a tough time handling this big change. “We’re very conscious of the fact that he lost a dad again.”

Is there anything you can tease about how Mistresses will be writing out Alyssa Milano? — Kitra

I can tell you that someone is carted off from Joss’ surprise wedding via an ambulance, but I can’t tell you if it’s Savi. Aside from that, the remaining ladies hit a crossroads in their lives where they each have big decisions to make in the premiere. Oh, and Milano’s replacement, Jennifer Esposito, makes a flawless debut on the show in the final moments of the episode. She’s already my new favorite.

What’s coming up on Under the Dome this season? — Lee

I can exclusively reveal that Under the Dome is hosting a mini-ER reunion as Paul McCrane will guest-star as Danville, a brilliant scientist who co-founded Aktaion (a Fortune 500 energy company) with his best friend Hektor Marin (Eriq La Salle). Danville has devoted his life to the pursuit of a new clean energy not for the financial windfall, but for the benefit of humanity.

Now that Ethan knows the truth, will he tell everyone else in Wayward Pines? — Willis

Once Ethan learns all about how Wayward Pines is run next week, “The ensuing episodes after that are all about what he’s going to do with this truth and how that intersects with what his son knows and what his wife is about to find out,” EP Chad Hodge says. “It’s really about the nature of lies and truth, how much truth is too dangerous and what human beings can handle. The last four episodes are Ethan’s decision of what to do with the knowledge that he has.”

Have you seen the new season of True Detective yet? — Henry

Haven’t had the time, but my buddy James Hibberd watched and says the new season is both stylish and grim, full of dive bars, a porn studio and a cult guru. Fun? The three cop characters—portrayed by Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams—spend most of the premiere apart before converging together for the first time at a crime scene. Oh, and Farrell’s character has a very colorful way of dealing with his kid’s school bully. Will that tide you over for now?

Anything on the final two episodes of Orphan Black? — Sam

As Sarah, Mrs. S and Felix head to England in a bid to find the Castor original, it makes me curious about who exactly the Leda original might be. Therefore, I floated a theory past executive producer Graeme Manson during this weekend’s Orphan Black panel at ATX Festival: Dr. Coady is the Leda original. “No comment,” Manson replied coyly. We all know what evasive answers tend to mean, right?

Do you have any scoop on the fallout of the Meat Cute massacre on iZombie? — Kinney

Unfortunately, Seattle PD is all too happy to close the book on the case, thinking Suzuki stumbled into a gang shooting and died a hero. But Clive is not ready to give this up. “That’s going to be Clive’s white whale in season 2,” EP Rob Thomas tells me. “Clive thinks that Major is somehow involved with it. And he met Blaine very briefly in Meat Cute. He doesn’t know that Blaine is his name. He never got his name. [Suzuki] writing Blaine on the wall sends Clive off into what he’s going to be digging into in his free time in season 2.”

Please tell me who Tom Mason was looking at in the Falling Skies finale! — Jaimie

Don’t worry, you’ll find out very soon. That mystery person makes a big impact on Tom, offering up some information that will both put him on the offensive in a scary way, as well as put him at odds with Anne.

You’ve been light on any Jakes teases for Graceland’s new season. What gives? — Chris

To be honest, with Briggs going undercover with the Armenian mafia, Charlie hunting down the man who tortured her, Johnny begrudgingly in bed with Carlito, and Paige reeling from basically sending Sid to kill Mike, the third season is rather busy already, so Jakes’ story won’t heat up until later—but it will do so in a big way. “Jakes becomes one of the most pivotal pieces in the story in the second half of the season,” EP Jeff Eastin tells me.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Orange Is the New Black is back!

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Additional reporting by James Hibberd.

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