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June 11, 2015 at 06:15 PM EDT

Season 2 of Hulu’s Real Housewives spoof, The Hotwives of Orlando, is swapping the Sunshine State for Sin City when it returns on August 18. With the new locale come fresh characters—Angela Kinsey (The Office) trades in season 1’s devout Crystal Simmons for the manipulative First Lady of the Strip, while Casey Wilson (Marry Me) plays an extremely pregnant woman named Jenfer—but the fake boobs, tight dresses, and over-the-top drama remain.

In one scene this season, Jenfer goes into labor poolside at a book party celebrating the launches of everyone’s memoirs, delivering her baby with such force it flies across the patio and lands in a lawn chair. (Click the photo above to see the full shot.) To take us through filming the dramatic delivery, Casey Wilson talked to EW for an exclusive first look.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what’s going on in this photo, aside from the flying baby?

CASEY WILSON: In this photo, my character Jenfer—not Jennifer, but Jenfer—is nine months pregnant, but I’m telling everyone I’m a month along, because I don’t want anyone to know how long I’ve been sleeping with Angela Kinsey’s man, who’s played by Keegan Michael Key, who’s the father of my baby. And we are, believe it or not, at a pool party-slash-book launch for all our books. Tymberlee [Hill], who plays Phe Phe, is launching Fifty Shades of Phe, and I am launching my book, The Loneliest Finger in the World, because—and I know this is a lot to process—my character Jenfer is missing the tippy top of her pointer finger, which is a disability that she’s trying to raise awareness for as well. I have been struggling with this disability for years and years and it’s made life, well, it’s very hard to point. So in the mix of all that, I go into labor. Because I’m trying to take the spotlight. [Laughs] I go into labor and there’s also a poolboy in that photo who’s serving me up a pina colada at the same time.

And then the baby just…?

About five secnds after that photo was taken, a baby shoots out of my vagina and shoots across the entire pool and into a lawn chair.

How did the crew pull that off?

It was so crazy. They did this with a fishing pole, and our prop person was up on a ladder with my “baby,” which was a plastic doll with fishing wire attached to it, and literally yanked it like you would pull a fish out of water and ripped it across the pool. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever filmed.

Do you remember what you were thinking when that happened?

The only thing running through my head was, “How did I get so lucky, to be a part of such madness?” I mean, I get to play just the greatest trainwrecks, and we just had so much fun doing it. This is one of the scenes you hope to play, you know. It was a very elegant, sophisticated scene. My line before the baby was birthed was simply, ‘Oh f–k.’

There’s so much happening in just this one scene. Does this mean the rest of The Hotwives of Las Vegas will be just as crazy this season?

It’s craziness. I call it our own personal American Horror Story, because it’s all of us playing different roles from the first season, except for Phe Phe, who has relocated to Las Vegas. For me, I was at my most pregnant when we shot the season, but don’t worry, I still shot a striptease. There’s just a lot of drama, and Keegan Michael Key joins us. He’s playing my boyfriend, who’s like a reality whore. And it was so much fun. All the women are trying not to have any drama, but there’s still a lot of drama.

And finally, most importantly: Is the baby okay?

Yeah, the baby’s great! The baby grows up to—you know, fingers crossed—to become a DJ. Oh, and the last element that you should know is that Angela Kinsey’s character, First Lady—shes the First Lady of the Strip, just the Strip—her character believes that my character stole her baby, that somehow her egg was put inside me, and that it’s not my baby, it’s hers. Yeah, there’s… [pauses] There’s a lot going on in that photo.

An edited version of this interview ran in Entertainment Weekly issue #1368, on newsstands Friday, June 12.

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