Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

It’s a tough job to contain Jurassic World‘s uber-powerful new dino, Indominus Rex. But containing said dino while running in heels—as Bryce Dallas Howard does throughout the entire film—isn’t just tougher; it should have been impossible.

Luckily, the actress told James Corden on The Late Late Show Wednesday night that she was prepared for the task. “I did a lot of ankle exercises, honestly,” she said. “I trained for running in heels as if I was in the Olympics.”

But when Pratt praised his co-star for her feat (and feet), Corden offered the actor his own pair of red heels. Pratt gamely put them on, then strutted down the stairs, scampered across the studio, and gave Reggie Watts a high five—an act that gives us just one more reason to love Chris Pratt.

Jurassic World

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