Credit: Alison Dyer

Back in 2013, Veruca Salt got the band back together, marking the first time the original members of the quartet—Louise Post, Nina Gordon, Jim Shapiro, and Steve Lack—had made music together since 1997. Their return to the fold has been gradual: Last year, they put out a special Record Store Day release that featured a pair of new songs (“It’s Holy” and “The Museum of Broken Relationships”), and all the while the band has been performing gigs in the U.S. and Australia.

But that was all a walk-up to the big reveal: On July 10, Veruca Salt will release Ghost Notes, a brand new album featuring 14 awesomely crunchy new tunes that crackle and pop as sharply and sweetly as the band’s classic original one-two punch American Thighs and Eight Arms to Hold You. A handful of tracks from Ghost Notes have already surfaced, but EW is proud to present the new video for the track “Laughing in the Sugar Bowl,” a tight little garage fuzz singalong. The clip, directed by Tim Rutili (who goes way back with the band—he directed the classic clip for “Seether”), is appropriately explosive. Check it out below.

Ghost Notes is out on July 10. You can pre-order it here. And if you somehow aren’t familiar with the band’s awesome back catalog, get yourself familiar.