Credit: Walter McBride/WireImage


Syfy’s latest adaptation, Hyperion, will have some heavyweight producers behind it when the network brings Dan Simmons’ novel to life.

Syfy announced today that Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and Graham King (producer of The Departed and Argo) will develop what’s being billed as an event series version of Simmons’ book, which focuses on seven pilgrims looking to uncover the mysteries of their lives before armageddon threatens their entire galaxy. All seven are hiding horrible secrets, and, as is the case in all doomsday stories, one of them could control the destiny of mankind.

Boardwalk Empire‘s Itamar Moses will write the adaptaton and serve as an co-executive producer alongside Cooper, Phillips, and King. Simmons’ Hyperion series extends beyond the first title of the same name to include three other books and several short stories.

The 1989 Hugo Award-winning novel is one of several adaptations Syfy has in the works, with The Magicians scheduled to hit next year, along with Childhod’s End and The Expanse, both expected to air this December.

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