By Megan Daley
Updated June 10, 2015 at 03:07 PM EDT
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Sam Smith will be back on stage next month to perform for the first time since undergoing surgery to fix his vocal cords. The “Stay With Me” singer opened up in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, saying he was “relieved” to be able to talk again.

Just one week after cancelling his Australian tour due to a hemorrhage on his vocal cords, Smith announced he would be undergoing an operation with three weeks of vocal rest to follow. He assured fans on Instagram back in May that when he returned he’d be able to “sing like never before.”

Smith wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that he was excited to be back performing live, giving a special shout-out to fans for their support.

“It’s like a blessing in disguise to have this break,” Smith told Radio 1. “But at the same time it killed me to cancel all these shows.”

According to the interview, he’s been “taking it slow,” saying, “I’ve just been like singing in the shower and stuff.”

Smith’s next show is set for July 3 at Thetford Forest as a part of the UK’s Forest Live series, and then he’s back to his scheduled tour.