Credit: Justin Goff/Getty Images

Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard took to Instagram to clear up any confusion that they are the same person—this time, through song.

People seem to be having trouble telling the talented duo apart with many believing Chastain to be the actress appearing in the upcoming summer flick Jurassic World. But Chastain reminded fans on Twitter that it’s actually Howard starring alongside Chris Pratt, not her.

While Howard told USA Today that any day she is mistaken for her The Help co-star is a “very good day,” the two wanted to address the situation once and for all.

The video, which Chastain shared on Instagram, features Howard faux-singing a snippet from YouTube user legolambs’ creation “Jessica Chastain: The Musical (Bryce Dallas Howard).” During the short clip, Howard lip-syncs part of the tune before taking off her sunglasses to reveal she is definitely not Jessica Chastain.

Check out the Instagram post below.